Monthly car rental

rent a car 1 month

We offer a monthly car rental service for personal drive. Our monthly car rental rate start from only around 400 baht per day.

Our price is cheap but come with good quality. Trust us when you think of a long term car rental.

No matter you want to rent a car monthly for travel, personal use, corporate use, wait for a new car, we have a car that suit your purpose.

What is monthly car rental?

Monthly car rental is renting a car for 1 month or over. Normally for both personal and business purpose.

While you rent a car monthly, you can extend the contract which some extend till a year or more.

For renting a car less than 1 month please click cheap car rent

Monthly car rental rate


****For at least 15 days of Rent, free delivery within 35 km****

****The rental rate above is insurance inclusive****

****The rental rate might be subject to change without notice****

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Car model for monthly rent

We have a wide variety of car rental model include sedan, Hatchback, SUV or 7 seat-car for family in various brand among Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Suzuki and more

Required papers for monthly car rental

Only three documents are required:

  1. Passport with visa
  2. International driver license
  3. Pay by credit card (3% charge)

Terms and Conditions

Please read the Terms and Conditions for your own interest.

The Process

  1. Pay an upfront fee of 1,000 baht for reservation ( the remaining rental fee & 3,000 – 5,000 baht collateral fee pay on an appointment date ).
  2. Appoint the date, time and place for rental car delivery.
  3. Prepare the documents for the delivery staff on the appointed date.
  4. The delivery staff brings the car and explain the details of the rent and accessories, and inspect the car.
  5. Once the rental car is inspected, the customer pays the remaining rental fee & collateral fee to the delivery staff ( In cash, card, or wire transfer ) ( For foreigner, credit card only ).

Contact to rent a car for month

Interested to rent a car or want more information please cal 098-9696-366

Line ID : @summercarrent ( with@ )

FAQ about monthly car rental

You can call us at our hotline 098-9696-366 for 24 hours.

Since we concern about our customer safety as a priorrity, we check our car and do a maintenance work follow the standard requirement. So sometime, when the mile is reach a maintenance point, we may contact you to do a service check.

Yes, you can extend the rental contract. Normally we will contact you 1 day before the contract end to ask whether you want to extend the rental or not. If you want to extend the contract just transfer a fee via internet banking, no need to come to our office.

Sure, if you rent a car with us more than 1 month, we will do a discount for you.

For foreinger, credit card payment is required. But you may ask your friends or family to rent a car for you since our service is not limit for only renter to drive a car.

3 reasons you can trust us

  1. We are reputable monthly car rental service in Bangkok. Almost 5,000 customers we are served per year.
  2. Our company was registered to the government as the car rental company since 2016. We are in the business for almost 10 years as a professional company, not a person do a  side job. So we know what a customer want and can serve your need properly.
  3. We have our own office. You can go to contact us at our office near you. We have 2 branch, BangKae & Bangna. So worry-free about being scam or deceived.

Think of monthly car rental, think of SUMMERCARRENT

Our staff ready to service you with a great service mind. We know that you want a neat and good condition car rental. So we do a strictly car check up and clean our car both when a car back to us and send a car to customer.

Furthermore, our monthly rate is cheaper than the market. So it’s suit for one who want to rent a car in long period.