Get Cheap Rental Cars

SUMMERCARRENT provides a low-cost car rental service with insurance. Our daily car rental rate start from only 550 baht per day.

Our price is cheap but come with good quality and service. All the cars in our fleet have automatic transmission, along with delivery service and roadside assistance.

**** Special Rate for Monthly Rent, Please Click Monthly Rental Car ***


****For at least 15 days of Rent, free delivery within 35 km****

****The rental rate above is insurance inclusive****

****The rental rate might be subject to change without notice****

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Required papers for cheap car rental

Mainly two documents are required:

  1. Passport with visa
  2. International driver license
  3. Pay by credit card (3% charge)

The Process

  1. Pay an upfront fee of 1,000 baht for reservation.
  2. Appoint the date, time and place for rental car delivery.
  3. Prepare the documents for the delivery staff on the appointed date.
  4. The delivery staff brings the car and explain the details of the rent and accessories, and inspect the car.
  5. Once the rental car is inspected, the customer pays the remaining rental fee to the delivery staff (In cash, card, or wire transfer).

Terms and Conditions

Please read the Terms and Conditions for your own interest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do you deliver the rental car?

A: We cover the entire Bangkok Metropolitan Area.

Q: Can I rent a car for someone else?

A: Yes, absolutely. We do not restrict the driver, only that the driver must have a driving license.

Q: Do I need to wash the car before returning?

A: No, as long as your car is not too dirty (beyond normal use). If the car has some dust and sand, or rain stain, we can deal with them. If you spill soup inside the car however, then you might have to wash it first.

Q: Can I smoke in the rental car?

A: We’d like to apologize, but please don’t smoke in the car.

Are our rental cars good for the price!?

Many customers might find our rental cars much cheaper than others. This is because our main goal is to provide cheaper, yet good-quality rental cars to impress the customers. Many might wonder if the cheap price comes with a caveat, or if it’s possible at all. We would like to explain everything here.


  • We are a low-cost car rental center with our own office and address, not a shady company.
  • We are a legally registered company that mainly engages in car rental.
  • SUMMERCARRENT has been in business since 2013, and registered as a company in March 2016. With over eight years of experience, we have professional teams and departments such as customers, maintenance, cleaning, and delivery, all working together for the customer’s maximum satisfaction.


  • Our cheap car rental service comes with delivery service. We understand about your inconvenience. Thus, our well-trained delivery staff are ready to bring the car to and from you in the Bangkok Metropolitan Area.
  • You can find us easily. Our staff are trained to quickly respond to the customers to minimize your waiting time. If we are too busy, we will get back to you as soon as possible. You can try calling us!
  • We take care of customers with gratitude, providing only fast, punctual and polite services. For any complaint, file it at the service complaint department at any time (24/7).

Rental Car Quality

  • We have our own maintenance team due to our mindfulness of customer safety. Our maintenance team will keep the rental cars in a good condition, and will go help the customer in case of breakdowns or technical problems.
  • We are very mindful about cleanliness, so we immediately clean the rental car upon return to our center, and then clean it again before delivering to the next customer.
  • We have a wide array of models and brands to best suit your needs.


  • We work best to keep the price low because we understand that nobody wants overpriced products and services. We are certain that we are “cheaper” compared to our competitors. When you think about the price and service quality, it is a very big bang for the buck.
  • The rental rate shown here is the net rate, without additional charges.

What we have

Our rental car fleet comprises mostly sedans of all sizes, with some SUVs. Please check the models in the chart above.

How many types of rental cars?

There are mainly three types of rental cars in the market.

  1. Short-term rental
  2. Long-term rental
  3. Rental car with driver

Each of the three can be further divided, depending on purposes, and of course terms and conditions do vary. We have all three types available, but mostly without drivers. Our rental car with driver service is only for wedding cars.

The pros of cheap rental service

  • Save cost.
  • You can rent for longer. Naturally, when the rental rate is cheaper, the same budget means you can rent for longer, or at least be more flexible about it.
  • Many can draw budget from their companies, but the budget could be limited. The cheaper rental service might satisfy both you and the company.

The cons of cheap rental service

  • Rental cars are of course not new, and the newer cars, the more expensive the rent. If you only want a not too pristine but functional and reliable rental car. Cheaper rental cars might be able to meet your needs.
  • Rental cars with good pricing will have a long queue and thus sometimes you might find rental cars being fully booked.

“The cheap rental car trap”

Of course, being able to get a cheap rental car is a good idea, and we do provide that service ourselves. We would like to encourage you to check other things too. Many might only look at the price, and just hope that all rental cars are the same, but there are so many things to be watchful about, like:

  • Poor conditions

Many times, cheap rental cars could be so filthy and dilapidated. To avoid this problem, please personally go check the car if possible, and then rent. Otherwise, check the reviews, but make sure the reviewers are not “shills”.

  • Upfront pay scam

Some might simply take your upfront pay and make themselves scarce without returning, or come up with various excuses not to refund.

  • Difficulty in contact

If you have a problem or the car is not delivered, you might not be able to reach out to them. You might even have no idea where the company is. In case of an accident, there might be nobody to pick up the phone, or they only call you back hours later, leaving you to deal with problems at hand for some time. This could be a severe inconvenience.

  • Poor, unprofessional service

Things they tell you might change from day to day without any clear guideline or standard. Cheap price for uncertainty.

Read more at Precautions When Renting Car


            In conclusion, if you want a cheap AND good rental car, it is possible. But you have to be careful and on guard against loopholes that might hurt you. Of course, it helps if you check the reputation of the company. SUMMERCARRENT would like to be considered by you as an option for car rental with cheap price, yet good quality and trustworthy service. We always have customer satisfaction in our mind.

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