Steps before renting a car:

1. Call to reserve a rental car at 098-9696-366 to schedule an appointment with us 2. Transfer a deposit of 1,000 baht in advance to reserve the rental car ( the remaining rental fee and collateral fee, 3,000 – 5,000 baht, pay on the day of the rental ).

** In case of cancellation, the deposit cannot be refunded, but can be kept for the next rental.

On the day of the rental

1. prepare copies of the necessary documents for car rental and hand them over to the staff.

2. Fill out the car rental agreement.

3. Check the condition of the car before renting and sign the rental agreement.

4. Pay the rental fee in cash or by credit card (a 3% credit card fee applies).

During the rental process:

1. If the rental car is damaged or an accident occurs, please call 086-779-8221

2. If you want to change the location and time of return, please call 098-9696-366 (in case of extension of the rental period, please notify us at least 1 day before the return date).

Steps for returning a rental car:

1. Return the car within the time specified in the rental agreement, without the need to clean the car if it is not dirtier than normal usage.
2. Summer staff will inspect the rental car for any damages or issues.
3. If there are no issues, the rental car will be accepted as returned.
4. Sign the document for the return of the rental car.