Renting conditions

** Minimum renting is 5 days. We count 24 hours as 1 day ( get & return a car at the same time )

 ** Renter accept to take a photo with a rental car ( we will not publicate the photo unless getting your allowance )      

  1. Summer Forward Co., Ltd. is the “Owner” of vehicles set forth in the agreement to the Renter.
  2. Renting fee excludes fuel cost. Renter shall return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel at the time of renting, otherwise Owner shall charge Renter 300 baht for every tick of missing fuel, along with additional 200 baht as refueling fee (Except vehicles with 1,600 cc of engine displacement or beyond that the fuel charge of 400 per tick applies).
  3. Owner limits the distance for use of the rented vehicle at 200 km/day “on average” (Can be used unevenly between the days, and could be used to leave the province). Owner shall charge 3 baht for every extra kilometer covered.
  4. Renting fee includes motor insurance (the limit is 100,000 baht for damage to the rented vehicle, and 1,000,000 baht for damage to property of the third party). Renter shall deposit 3,000 baht as damage collateral.
  5. In case of no damage or Renter is not at fault in an accident, the damage collateral shall be returned to Renter on the day of vehicle return.
  6. If Renter is at fault or there is no other party in the accident, Renter shall be held liable for damages of not more than the “damage collateral in Clause 4” for one accident except if the damage exceeds the insurance coverage, or the vehicle is lost altogether, then Renter shall pay for the damages that are not covered.
  7. If the accident occurs while Renter is driving under influence or not having a valid driving license, Renter shall solely be held responsible for all damages.
  8. The insurance does not cover damage to the tires/windshields. Renter shall be held responsible of the actual damage incurred by those parts.
  9. In case of an accident, Renter shall inform the damage claiming staff of all damaged parts (Renter has to pay for all damages NOT included in the claiming form), and keep the claiming form for the Summer staff (We cannot return the damage collateral without the claiming form).
  10. Do not smoke in the rented vehicle, a fine of 1,000 baht shall apply.
  11. If Renter takes the rented vehicle through muddy or asphalt that later requires special washing and coating, Renter shall pay 300-800 baht for special washing services. If Renter leaves liquid stains inside the rented vehicles, odor or pet fur, Renter shall pay 1,000 – 1,500 baht for washing of the seat/carpet/ceiling.
  12. There is no refund for early return of the rented vehicle.
  13. Owner shall contact Renter one day before the returning day to confirm about the return. If Renter requests for rent extension, Renter shall pay extension fee before 23:59 of the day before the returning day. Later payment shall entail late fine of 200 baht/night. Owner has the right to refuse the rent extension and take the vehicle on the original returning day or later as Owner sees fit (If extension is rejected, Owner shall inform Renter). Renter shall pay following expenses (if any) 1. Outstanding rent fee (from the day of agreement expiration to the day Owner receives the vehicle), 2. Late payment fine of 200 baht/night (from the first day of late payment to the day Owner receives the vehicle), 3. Transportation cost for rented car receiving, 4. If Owner is unable to contact Renter, or Renter is uncooperative in returning, Owner has the right to retake the vehicle without responsibility for property of Renter inside the vehicle, and Renter shall be charged at least 5,000 baht as vehicle retaking fee.
  14. If Renter returns the vehicle late by 1.30 – 3 hours, a half-day rent fee shall apply, if later than 3 hours, a full-day rent fee shall apply.
  15. Any handover of the vehicle shall not take place later than 16.00 (but possible in some areas). If Renter arrives later than the agreed handover time, Renter shall be charged 80 baht/hour for the waiting time (We shall inform in advance for any waiting fee).
  16. Do not swap or steal parts of the rented vehicle, otherwise a fine of ten times the price of that part shall apply.
  17. Renter may not use the rented vehicle for illegal activities and Renter shall be solely responsible for any actions with the rented vehicle for the duration of rent.
  18. Renter shall pay all traffic fines and violations for the duration of rent, not more than 7 days after being notified by Owner.
  19. The rented vehicle may not be used for commercial purposes such as sub-lending, pawning or racing. If such actions are discovered, Renter shall pay a fine of the total value of the rented vehicle plus any damage to the rented vehicle.
  20. If Renter parks in or drives through flooded areas and the rented vehicle takes on water, Renter shall pay fine of 3,000 baht for interior cleaning. Careful!! If engine damage occurs due to water ingestion, Renter shall pay a fine of actual damage cost as assessed by the certified auto repair shop.
  21. All expenses/fines shall be set forth in the rent agreement/car return confirmation form (To prevent wrongful charging). If the staff charges any expense or fine not included in the rent agreement/car return confirmation form, or has inappropriate manner, or Renter wants to file a complaint, please call 098-9696-366.