Rent a Car in Bangkok

Get a cheap rental car easily, with delivery service

Looking for a rental car in Bangkok? Think of SUMMERCARRENT. We are a professional team providing car rental service, such as personal car rent, or daily or monthly rent, at a cheaper price, less than 600 baht per day !

We have a large array of models for your selection. The rental process is easy, with delivery service covering Bangkok Metropolitan Area.

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Required Papers for Car Renting in Bangkok

For foreinger

  1. Passport with visa
  2. International driver license
  3. Pay by credit card (3% charge)
rental procedure

Renting Process

Easy and convenient. Just select what you want, transfer the upfront fee of 1,000 baht, then prepare necessary papers and pay the remaining rent to the delivery staff. More information at Renting Process.

deliver a car

Rental Car Delivery Area

We can deliver our rental car anywhere in Bangkok Metropolitan Area, no matter how far or how deep. Still, Bangkok is a big city, so if you want us to deliver the rental car to you, please notify us in advance so we can go through the traffic to you.

Recommended Rental Car Model in Bangkok

We have the widest range of rental car models in Bangkok, from sedans, hatchbacks, eco-cars, to MPVs from various brands, including but not limited to Toyota, Honda, Nissan and Mitsubishi.

Rental Price

Why Rent a car with Summer

Rent Honda Jazz

Various Models to Pick From

We have rental cars of many brands, models and types to meet your needs as much as possible. We are aware that each customer has their own needs. Some might be familiar with a Toyota, others Honda. Some might want an eco-car for a Bangkok trip. Some might want something bigger and more powerful. Whatever your taste is, we have the right car for your highest satisfaction.

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Cheap Bangkok-based Rental Car

In Bangkok it could be difficult to find cheaper, more affordable rental cars due to a high demand that keeps the price up. Still, the management sees that we can maintain the quality at a cheaper price through cost control with less margin to allow everyone to comfortably rent the car. If you are interested in renting a car in Bangkok, please visit us.

Honda Accord

Reliable Bangkok-based Car Rental Service

Reliability is important for rental service selection. We have operated our business in Bangkok for over 10 years, with the reputable main office where the customer can contact or see the rental cars. Otherwise, we can have the car sent to you by our well-trained staff.

Rent a Car in Bangkok without Worries!

We understand that the customer wants a reputable company, and thus we would like to present ourself as a rental car company with lower price, yet with a good service mind.

FAQ about Car Rental in Bangkok

Any price difference between daily and monthly rent?

The longer you rent, the cheaper it will be. The rent is divided into 5-9 days, 10-14 days, more than 15 days, and monthly. Please check on Daily Car Rental and Monthly Car Rental for further information.

Delivery fee (in Bangkok)

The car delivery fee is calculated by the distance, the closer the cheaper without additional charges. We only mean to give you convenience, only that you live in Bangkok Metropolitan Area. Call us to get the delivery fee calculation.

Payment method with Summer

We would like to give only the best experience for our customer, and thus accept any form of payment. If you do not have a credit card, you can pay in cash or wire transfer, or with any cash card ( For foreigner, credit card only ).

know us

Know us more, BKK car rental SUMMERCARRENT

We started our car rental business in 2013 in Bangkok, with only a few cars, but thanks to our many customers and word-of-mouth, now we have a large fleet of cars for your selection.

Currently, we have two branches in Bangkok, in Bangkae and Bangna.

How to get the best rental car offer in BKK

There are many car rental services in Bangkok, how to choose one? This article should help you. How to select a rental car.

travel near bangkok

Rent a car for upcountry trips

Many want to rent a car from Bangkok for a short upcountry trip, but still have no idea about the destination, or are planning for one. Summer has a list of recommended destinations near Bangkok (less than 3hr drive). Just click Travel near bangkok

dirve car rental

How long to drive from Bangkok to popular provinces

You might want to know how long to drive from Bangkok to popular destinations. We have  a list of distance and time for those provinces, check it out drive from BKK

Something to mind before renting a car in Bangkok

There are many rental cars available in Bangkok, good and bad. To save yourself problems in renting, Summer would like to give you some suggestions to ensure safe rental.

  1. Select reputable providers in Bangkok. Check if there is a clear location or office, and whether the provider engages directly in car rental or merely has a car rental service as a side job. Word-of-mouth from friends and acquaintances help too.
  2. Carefully check the terms and conditions of the rental – Too many miss this part because of complacency. Terms and conditions DO vary between providers. Please check the terms and conditions carefully, and see which are the best for you.
  3. Professionalism matters – Quick response and clear answer are good signs.
  4. Check the reviews made by past customers – Of course, it’s still a “to each their own”, but checking the reviews will allow you to see the trend, like the type of service and suitability to us. Please avoid the one with bad reviews, no matter how cheap it is.